Resort Service Menu for Dogs

Play Times and Exercises

Cuddle Break

$8 (15 minutes) – In room cuddling, petting, talking, loving

Nature Trails

$8 (15 minutes) – Ten acres of nature trails for a leisurely stroll or a brisk walk

Country Playtime

$8 (15 minutes) – Outdoor playground for those who love to get rough

Deluxe Playtime

$10 (20 minutes) – Outdoor playground featuring artificial turf and lots of fun

Ultimate Playtime

$12 (20 minutes) – Our largest outdoor playground featuring field grasses & plenty of open terrain

Daytime Retreat

Mini Daytime Retreat

$14 (2 hours) – 2 fun filled hours of socializing in our Retreat

Half day Daytime Retreat

$18 (4 hours) – Up to four hours of group play and fun in our Retreat

Full day Daytime Retreat

$25 (5 hours min) – For our most social friends who want to play in our Retreat all day

Room Services

Ice Cream Snack

$3 (per treat) – A sweet mid afternoon treat

Bottled Spring Water

$5 (per day) – Purified spring water available all day

Dessert and Tuck In

$5 (per pet) – A choice of an ice cream snack or gourmet cookie topped with a hug and kiss goodnight

Goody Treat Bag

$5 (per bag) – A sampling of healthy and tasty snacks from our gift shop

Deluxe Raised Bed

$5 (per day per room) – A raised comfortable bed ensuring a good night’s rest

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